ISSAW5 – 5th International SmallSat and Space Art Workshop

Credit: Light Being Series, painted by Frank Pietronigro

As a follow-on to ISAW4, held in 2014 at Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Park (NRP), planning is underway for ISSAW5 in Spring 2019!

Co-Sponsored by
Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS)
Science and Technology Corporation (STC)
Taksha Institute for Space Arts (TISA)
Zero Gravity Arts Consortium (ZGAC)
The SETI Institute (SETI)

Seeking additional Sponsors and Collaborating Organizations

In Cooperation with

Distinguished Honorary Chair:
Professor Lowry Burgess, CMU, Chair of TISA & Chair of ISAW4
Adarsh Deepak, Ph.D., Chair, Taksha Institute (TI) & Associate Chair of ISAW4
Frank Pietronigro, Zero Gravity Arts Consortium (ZGAC) & Associate Chair of ISAW4

Mountain View, California

Organizing Committee:
Mr. Ravi Deepak, STC, Chair
Ms. Catherine Houlahan, Taksha Institute (TI)
Others to added

Contact us to let us know of your interest and to receive updates:
Taksha Institute (TI)
21 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 150
Hampton, VA 23666 US