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Science and Technology International Education Program (STIEP)

Under the leadership of Mentor and Executive Director Dr. Amar Choudry, the Science and Technology International Education Program (STIEP) provides university students with the opportunity to perform cutting-edge research as interns with co-mentors at various U.S. government and industrial organizations on technical and business topics related to aerospace, space, aviation, transportation, optics, and in situ and remote sensing sensors. The tenure of their internship is 4-6 months, at the end of which they deliver reports, software, and papers for technical journals.

In 1991, Dr. Choudry started a collaboration with STC (Science & Technology Corp.) and Taksha Institute, Hampton VA, that led to the formation of STIEP to help Dutch students to intern in US every year. As the program expanded, the Interns came from other EU countries (e. g., Belgium, France, Germany) and integrated major EU agencies (e. g. EUROCONTROL, DFS (German FAA), NLR (Dutch-NASA), etc.). More recently, STIEP has expanded to include students from Mexico and Singapore.

Since 1993, STIEP has hosted over 100 Interns.

See some of the products of their internship research activity at the STIEP web site: www.STIEP.org

STIEP Chairman:

Amar Choudry, Ph. D.
Advisor, TI
Former Professor, Delft TI and Amsterdam TI, NL

STIEP Technical Advisory Council (TAC):