Center for Space Exploration (CSE)


The CSE has been active since 1975, with a focus on developing a sturdy miniature Lunar and Mars Analytical Laboratory (LuMAL) that can be flown to the Moon and Mars, and can monitor different biochemical and environmental parameters during flight and the planetary habitat environment when landed, working both autonomously or on-command, transmitting data back to Earth. As part of the project to develop the design specifications for LuMAL, TI personnel participated in two international workshops: the first one (in 1991) held at University of Maryland, College Park, MD, and the second (in 1993) at Dijon, France.

CSE Chair:

Adarsh Deepak, Ph.D.
Chairman, TI

CSE Technical Advisory Council (TAC):


CSE Events:

A near-term goal of the CSE is to submit a proposal to hold a series of three 2-day workshops on LuMAL, consisting of experts from Government, Industry, Academia, and International organizations, at Washington, DC and on the West Coast (USA), and Dijon (FR) or Noordwijk (NL).

CSE Publications by TI’s ADP:

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