1st Abdul Kalam Conference: Sustainable Growth at Sustainable Cost

Date July 11-14, 2019
Venue IITM, Chennai, India
Director Prof. Narayanan Komerath, Indian Institute of Technology and Chair, Taksha Institute Smart Village Initiative
Co-Sponsors Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Taksha Institute (TI)
Website http://www.stratcepts.com/1AKC2019/


Conference Objectives

The 1st Abdul Kalam Conference will start a biennial tradition to generate practical and exemplary solutions to large societal challenges. India must increase its human development index (HDI) from today’s 0.6, to the 0.9 of a developed nation, while avoiding the terrible cost in ecological footprint (10 hectares of resources per person for developed nations versus India’s 0.8, and the sustainable limit of 2.5). A look back at 1989 shows India’s amazing rise towards the dream of a “developed” India by 2020.

Six Working Groups will come together at this first conference, inspired by this record, to sharpen the plans to tackle the massive challenges ahead. The first group titled Human Indicators versus Ecological Footprint, will integrate the efforts of the other five groups:

  • Countering Climate Change
  • Rural Energy Self-Reliance
  • Space Resources
  • Technology for Security, Freedom, Equality, Justice, and Fairness
  • Global Alliance For Wellness and Healthcare.
Important Dates to Note

Final papers due February 28, 2019

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Symposium Steering Committee

  • Narayanan Komerath
  • Adarsh Deepak, Co-Chair – Chair, Taksha Institute (TI)

Symposium Technical Committee

Local Organizing Committee

Registration Fee: TBA

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DISCLAIMER: Attendance at this event is for personal growth, and entails no promise of employment.

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