Department of Publishing Services (DPS)

As the publications support division of TU, the Department of Publishing Services, includes multi-media services, editorial services and support for virtually all popular word processing, graphics, and web-related software. The manuscript production facility can work with manuscripts from basic camera-ready copy through complete electronic documents. The Publishing Services Department supports TU's contracts in the production of reports, newsletters, announcements, meeting agendas, brochures, direct/bulk mailings, database maintenance, and signage, and is available to fulfill direct contract requirements.

A.Deepak Publishing (ADP) & Deepak Heritage Books (DHB)

Since May 2007, all titles, books, and works of A.Deepak Publishing (ADP) and its imprint Deepak Heritage Books (DHB) are the property of Taksha University, having been donated by Science and Technology Corporation (STC). TU has acquired all rights to inventory of books, journals, art, author agreements, etc., all of which may be viewed at: and

These publishing branches provide support for the following categories of works:

  • Peer-Reviewed Journals
    • Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS): online
    • Journal of Vaishnava Studies (JVS): print
    • Journal of Dharma Studies (JDS): online
  • Newsletters and News Bulletin
    • JoSS Bulletin
    • STIEP Bulletin
    • Taksha Bulletin
    • Taksha Newsletter
  • Deepak Art Gallery (DAG)
  • Deepak Communications
    • Video Editing & Production
    • DVDs & CDs Production & Distribution

DPS Executive Manager:

Ms. Diana McQuestion

DPS Publications Management Council (DPMC):

Ms. Catherine Houlahan
ADP Online Journal Editorial Staff and Production Manager
ADP Sales Manager