Care-Giver's Fatigue: Stress Reduction and Yoga Therapy

DateFriday-Saturday, April 13-14, 2012
VenuePeninsula, Hampton Roads area, Virginia
FacultyJoan Vernikos, Ph.D. - Professor, SIM/TU
DirectorDilip Sarkar, M.D., FACS, D.Ayur. - Exec. Dir. and Professor, SIM/TU
SponsorYoga Therapy Institute (YTI)
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Course Description

Caregiving for dependents -- the very young, the infirm, or the elderly -- is a natural continuum of the human life cycle.  Starting with caring for a healthy newborn through its childhood, caring for a child or adult with special needs, caring for a sick relative, or for a parent or other family member as they age, the cycle never ends.  Some of these situations seem more stressful to the caregiver than others, however.  This course addresses some of the common aspects of caregiving from the point of view of the impact on the physical and emotional health of the caregiver.  Stress Management and Yoga Therapy approaches to caregiving are explored to translate this natural human occupation into a more positive experience.

Topics covered include:
  • the continuum of caregiving
  • why some caregiving situations are inherently more stressful than others
  • the role of the care-receiver relative to the care-giver
  • the causes of stress in this relationship
  • perception and feeling overwhelmed
  • gender differences and time management in caregiving
  • stress-reducing techniques and yoga therapy approaches

Friday, Dr. Vernikos will address the issues of stress management for care-givers. 

Saturday will be devoted to a presentation/demonstration of Yoga Therapy techniques by Dr. Sarkar.  Please bring your yoga mat and refrain from eating within three hours before class. 

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in or responsible for the physical caring of another person: new parents, care-giving professionals, or anyone in the position of caregiving.

No prior knowledge is required.

Course Fees


We also offer a Certificate of Course Completion (12 credit-hours) for an additional $30, if ordered.

Group rates are available for groups of 8 or more who register with the same payment and point of contact.