Ayurveda I (Introductory Course) - Session 2 (Newport News, VA - 03/02-03/13)

Date10 am - 5 pm / Saturday - Sunday, March 02-03, 2013
VenueInstitute of Health and Healing, 11847 Canon Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606
FacultyViyaya Stallings, Ph.D., M.A., D.Ayur., Ayurvedic Practitioner - Professor, TU/SIM/TAI
DirectorDilip K. Sarkar, M.D., FACS, D.Ayur. - Exec. Dir. and Professor, TU/SIM
SponsorTaksha Ayurveda Institute (TAI)
Course Description

Following from Session 1, this session continues coverage of the Ayurveda I Introductory Course over two days, Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10, 2013.

Topics addressed include:

        The Importance of the Digestive Fire and Our Health
        Prana, Tejas, and Ojas: The Immune System

        Diet and Nutrition

        Pulse Diagnosis

        Cooking Class based on these Ayurvedic Principles

Course Materials

If you have not already done so for Session I, you may purchase "Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles, Volume I", by Dr. Vasant Lad, either online when registering, online from a retailer, or at class.  The cost in class and at registration is $45.00.

Taksha Certificate of Course Completion

Taksha University also offers a Certificate of Course Completion (CCC) for 14 hours credit, signed by Vijaya as TU/SIM/TAI Professor.  The CCC must be ordered for an additional $45, while registering or by writing contact@taksha.org.

Course Fees