Online Hall of Fame

Taksha Educational Philanthropy Hall of Fame (TEPHOF)

The rationale for forming Taksha Education Philanthropy Hall of Fame (TEPHOF) with its inductees being collectively known as The Taksha Group, is based on discussions with several NRI sponsors of university chairs and education programs who felt that, in hindsight, they would have funded these programs differently knowing what they came to know later about the universities’ selection of chair holders that sometimes did not represent or conform to the original mandates. They wished that they had access to the experience of other NRI sponsors, who could have provided the needed guidance. Hence, the need to form this Group and fill that void!

An initial list of philanthropist members who have accepted the invitation to become charter members of the TEPHOF is as follows:

Adarsh Deepak, Ph. D.
Hampton, VA
Founder and Chairman, TU
Co-Founder and President, Dharma Association of North America (DANAM)
Founder and Publisher, Deepak Heritage Books
Publisher, Journal of Vaishnava Studies (JVS)
Founder and Sponsor, Indic Studies Lectures, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA

Navin H. Doshi
Los Angeles, CA
Author, Financial Market Trader, Real Estate Holdings
Chairman, UCLA
Chairman, Loyola Marymount University

Rajinder P. Gandhi, MD FACS
Saddle River, NJ
Sponsor and Chair, Arya Samaj Pratinidhi Sabha America Conferences
Chairman, Dharma Association of North America (DANAM)

Bhupendra K. Modi, Ph. D.
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Education Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Global Visionary,
Global Chairman, Ekal Vidyalaya

Mani Lal Bhaumik, Ph. D.
Los Angeles, CA
Executive Director, TU IQPC
Sponsor, Scholarships (150)
Donor, Prime land (15 acres) to IIT