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Welcome to Taksha Institute!

Founded  in 1976, Taksha Institute (also known as “Taksha” or “TI”) is a dynamic, not-for-profit, independent institution of higher learning, engaged in research projects and education activities. Our teaching staff consists of carefully selected, highly qualified instructors who offer a wide range of experience and talent to meet the varied needs of our community, as well as serving professionals in academia, healthcare sectors, government service, industry and business, and other walks of life. TI specializes in tailored, short-term, university-level classroom instruction to accommodate students who are working adults with limited time during the workweek.

We also offer classes for a broader audience, to provide education or training to those who seek to extend their experience and knowledge base in specific topic areas. Our courses range from 6-40 hours in duration, typically over the course of one to five days.

We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational institution. 

Your charitable contribution to Taksha Institute is tax deductible, and any registration fees, sales, or other income go to the support of our education and research programs and projects. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Taksha to help support our unique programs, and click here or on the blue “Make a Donation” button above, on this page!

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To sign up for our courses, simply look for the appropriate school heading to the left, scroll down to the course title, and follow instructions or click on the course title to get to the web page for that course. There you will find pertinent information for that course, including dates, venue, fees, and outline, along with a registration link or other registration instructions.

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